Completely Protect Your New Car with GAP Insurance

Purchasing a new vehicle is a major decision for most people. You might spend a lot of time researching the vehicles available and comparing their ratings. Once you actually buy a vehicle, it's time to protect it with proper insurance.

But what is good insurance? Unfortunately, most insurance policies will only cover up to the fair market value of your new car. This can be a solid chunk of money, but it's often not enough to cover the full cost of your car loan.

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In fact, many drivers who experience total loss accidents, wind up in debt because they have to keep paying off a vehicle they can't even drive anymore.

Fortunately, there are policies available that can provide extra coverage. A GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance policy can provide the additional coverage needed to settle any obligations remaining on the vehicle. In the case that your car can't be salvaged, this policy will pay the difference between its value and your loan, letting you walk away from the situation debt free.

Contact the finance center at Fairway Ford in Evans, GA. Our expert staff can help you learn more about your coverage options so you can decide if GAP insurance would be right for you.

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