The Tire Sizing Code On Your Sidewalls Is Easier To Read Than Most People Think

If you need to learn to read the tire sizing code that shows on the sidewalls of your tires the good news is that once you are able to break it down it becomes very easy to read from there on out.

To give an example, if you have a size code that reads P205/55R16, then that would translate as follows:
  • P - Passenger vehicle type tire.
  • 205 - Tire width. This tire would be 205 millimeters wide.
  • 55 - Aspect ratio. The height of this tire would be 55% of its total width.
  • R - Radial construction.
  • 16 - Wheel diameter. This tire would fit on a 16" wheel.
So as you can see, once you are able to break the code down, then it becomes much easier to understand. If you have any other questions about tire sizing then feel free to contact one of the experts here at Fairway Ford of Evans.
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