Take your time in getting your oil changed

Newer vehicles running synthetic blend or conventional oils that are available on the market today will take far longer to need an oil change. The 3000-mile rule is one that is served many mechanics over the decades very proudly. They saw an increase in the frequency of car and truck owners that visited their service centers in order to receive oil changes. With the new cars that are on the market today that same customer would only have to visit their Oil Service Center 1/3 of the time. It doesn't take long to see how that money can quickly add up.

Fairway Ford of Evans knows that when times are tough the extra money for Evans residents that would typically be spent on following the 3000-mile rule could be better used in other areas. Save money and the planet by ignoring this rule and trusting in the new oil formulas that are on the market today that protect your engine better than ever.
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